zZounds Top Videos of 2023

The Top Videos of 2023

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2023, we’re taking some time to look back on the year in zZounds videos! Scroll through to find our most-viewed and favorite videos of the year, and see what makes the gear in them so special. We’ll be back with plenty more videos in 2024!

Most Viewed:

Epiphone Zephyr DeLuxe Regent

One of Epiphone’s timeless original designs, the Zephyr DeLuxe Regent made a triumphant return in 2023 to mark the brand’s 150th anniversary. From swanky jazz to greasy rock ‘n’ roll, this fully hollow archtop guitar proves that old-fashioned style can still wow and delight us all. This was our highest-viewed video of the year!

Most Metallic:

Epiphone Kirk Hammett 1979 Flying V

If there’s one thing we learned this year, it’s that Kirk Hammett has a lot of really cool guitars. Chief among them might be the 1979 Flying V, exhumed in 2023 by Epiphone. It’s the guitar most associated with him during Metallica’s first five album stretch. Catch that Halloween-inspired riff? This video did go up on October 31st after all…

Sharpest Bass Tone

zZounds LIVE - Boss Katana Bass Combo Amplifier

Boss Katana amps have rightly become ubiquitous as bedroom, backstage, and on-stage amps thanks to their accessible approach to achieving great tone.  With the Katana Bass series, bassists finally get their chance to sharpen their skills with a workhorse solid-state amp! Check out our live demo to see Justin lay down some grooves while explaining what all these amps have to offer.

Best Historic Re-creation

Epiphone Kirk Hammett "Greeny" 1959 Les Paul Standard

Follow us here: This year, we saw Epiphone create their version of a Gibson guitar that was also a replica of a guitar that is currently owned by Kirk Hammett, and  was previously owned by and nicknamed after Peter Green. Oh, and the original guitar it all started from is a signature model in the first place. Whether you’re a fan of Metallica, Fleetwood Mac, or just of guitar history, you owe it to yourself to check out Epiphone’s Kirk Hammett “Greeny” 1959 ” Les Paul.

Best Amp to Plug in and Start Rocking With

Modern guitar amps can do quite a bit with technology (and Orange has plenty to offer in that department. But the British amp icons still love to make awesome tube amps you can plug into and get great tone from in just a couple of minutes. That’s the OR30: Simple, powerful, and touch-sensitive.

Most Feature-Rich

zZounds Live - Fender Tone Master Pro Guitar Workstation Pedal

This was the year Fender finally did it. After wowing us for years with the modeling capabilities of their Mustang and Tone Master amps, they finally released a floorboard modeling unit, the Tone Master Pro. This beastly unit does not disappoint, housing decades of guitar tonal history. Watch Justin take a deep dive in this live demo!

Gnarliest Gain in a Pedal

EarthQuaker Devices Zoar Dynamic Audio Grinder Pedal

Fuzzy, clippy, raw, and unlike much else, EarthQuaker Devices’ Zoar hits like a punch (in the best way) with its throaty, fully transistor-based distortion. But as Justin says in the video, it’s “not a one-trick pony” — see how he utilizes its 3-band EQ and Weight and Lift controls to conjure up all sorts of muddy magic!

Gnarliest Gain in an Amp

Mesa/Boogie Mark VII

The king of high gain returned this year with a new heir to the throne. Mesa/Boogie’s Mark VII combo continues a legacy built on supreme tone and performance across three distinct channels. Take a listen, and kneel!

Lifetime Achievement in Synthesis

Legends Series: Wendy Carlos

Few defined the sound of analog synthesis like Wendy Carlos. In this edition of zZounds’ Legends Series, we play tribute to her work on soundtracks like The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, and the album Switched on Bach. Learn her history and see what modern gear we used to recreate her sound!

Best Use of Color

Gibson SG Standard and SG Standard '61 Custom Color Electric Guitar

We close out this list with a pair of videos that demonstrated the power of color in capturing the imagination. Gibson’s SG Standard and SG Standard ’61 were re-imagined this year in stunning, seldom-seen colors including TV Yellow, Pelham Blueburst, and more. Which is your favorite?