zZounds Top Videos of 2022

Our Top Videos of 2022

As we close out the year, we took some time to compile a list of our favorite and most-viewed videos from 2022. Put on your brand-new slippers, make that hot cocoa mix your coworker gave you and take a look back on the year in gear with us!

zZounds Live: Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Badlander 50

Everyone knows and loves the sound of Mesa/Boogie amps. Their signature gain staging is the backbone of decades of rock and metal classics. We were so thrilled to be carrying Mesa/Boogie this year, our video team decided to create five demo videos of our Mesa/Boogie guitar amps! The Badlander 50 is a favorite due to its twin channels, each with three modes and tone sculpting tool set.

Gibson Faded Series Guitars

A favorite among guitarists in the 2000s, Gibson’s Faded series returned in 2022 with two models: the Les Paul Standard (in ’50s or ’60s configurations) and the SG Standard ’61 with a Maestro vibrola. Both offer realistic yet affordable takes on some of Gibson’s most cherished designs.

zZounds Live: Boss RE-202 Space Echo

It was to much applause that Boss released not one, but two versions of the all-time classic Space Echo effect earlier this year. In our video, Justin sets a course for outer ambient space with the full-size RE202 Space Echo, but not before de-mystifying its controls and features.

zZounds Live: Otherworldly Guitar Textures

Some pedals go beyond minor tone adjustments — they transform your signal with otherwise impossible textures, modulation, and depth. In this video, Justin uses the Beetronics Zzombee, Wampler Metaverse, and Walrus Audio Lore pedals to open portals to alternate tonal universes.

Mesa/Boogie Mark V 35

We already discussed why Mesa/Boogie amps are THE choice for high-gain enthusiasts above. The Mark V 35 head is a bit of a different beast in the catalog. By pairing a Mark preamp with a lower-wattage power section, Boogie has made a knockout middleweight in the Mark V 35. In this demo, Justin showcases all this amp can do, from pristine clean to aggressive distortion.

Jackson Audio Optimist

Jackson Audio’s Optimist was designed in collaboration with funk impresario Cory Wong, so what better way to demo it than by recreating part of his song bearing the same name? Hear Justin play a portion of “The Optimist” on The Optimist overdrive/EQ in this short but sweet video.

ASM Hydrasynth Desktop Synth

A dream come true for sound designers and performing musicians alike, Ashun Sound Machines’ Hydrasynth is a user-friendly-yet-robust dekstop synthwith an advanced wavetable engine and 24 polyphonic, pressure-sensitive pads. Hear Andrew put the power of Hydrasynth to use in this video!

Source Audio C4 Synth

It’s the end of the year: time to get funky! Source Audio’s C4 synth pedal creates convincing sine, triangle, square, and sawtooth tones for your guitar or bass. Hear Andrew lay down some righteous grooves using nothing but the C4 and guitar.

Maestro Pedals

One of the coolest releases of the year has to be the revival of Maestro Electronics. Now part of the Gibson family of brands, these 21st century Maestro pedals recreate the sound of the 1960s originals with modern chassis and features. Watch individual demos of the Ranger, Discoverer, Invader, and Fuzz-Tone, or check them all out together in our livestream!